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At AM Direct we are aim to empower and support small business owners to embrace the internet simply and with confidence.   We want to boost small businesses online by assisting with delivering an affordable presence on the world wide web.  There are many website designers available who are experienced and can make you a whiz bang website with all the bells and whistles, but that can be quite costly.  There are also plenty of do-it-yourself templates which you can download and do yourself which are not terribly expensive and can give you quite a good result, but if you are not computer savvy and don't  know about how to host your website or upload it to the internet then doing it yourself could cost you more time and effort and not bring you the rewards you are looking for. 

        Website design

We will help you to design how you want your website to look.  Do you need a shopping cart so your customers can order from your site?  Do you want your site designed to tell your customers information, news or articles?  Do you want one page or several, do you need a menu?  At AM Direct we can help you work out what you will need and take away the complications.


We are able to accommodate most templates and we can help you to decide which one will work for you. 

Responsive Websites

This means that when your website is viewed on a desktop computer, an iPad or tablet, or on a smartphone, it will look correct for the devices viewing area or screen and we can help design your website for maximum benefit.  It is no longer a question of whether you would like this feature, it is more like you have to have this feature with mobile devices being used more and more to search the internet.  A mobile friendly website is essential to providing the user with a hassle free experience, encouraging repeat visits and recommendations to family and friends.  Responsive website design is particularly beneficial for eCommerce websites as a mobile friendly shopping cart will result in increased sales and will reduce shopping cart abandonment rate.

Professional royalty free photos

Visuals are what every website needs.  Visuals of what your website is all about, products if you sell products, services if you are offering a service or photo’s or articles and news items that you want your customers to see.    If you already have good relevant photos that you want displayed on your new website we can help advise and incorporate it into your design.  If you need photos we can help with that too, we are able to take photos for you or we can source professional royalty free photos that will give your new website that special extra bang!

Information or shopping cart

What is your website for?  Do you want to sell products?  We can help with that too, we can design a back end shopping cart and help you link it to credit card partners and PayPal so you can receive payments online.  Your shopping cart can be designed for purchases of one or more and shipping can be included and tailored to your shopping cart needs.  

If your website is aimed to inform, we can help you with setting up the design and flow for users easy accessibility.  If you wish to change content on your website often, we can set it up so that you can access and change it without our help, we can show you how.

Logo and design

Your branding and company logo is the face of your business, we can effortlessly incorporate your logo into your website design and ensure maximum benefit professionally and satisfactorily.  If you don’t have a logo design, that is ok too, we can help you to create one simply and easily.  We take care when creating logos to work with you and aim to reflect what you want your customers to know.  We like to use flat shapes, bold lines and not over complicate or make too busy.  We will work out font, size, colour and layout and help design you a great logo that is uncomplicated will not distract from the message you wish to convey.  We can help you to design your logo to be used with your website,  emails, all other advertising, business cards and stationery.  


At AM Direct we know that you need to capture your websites visitors attention quickly, easily and nothing be too over complicated.  Our copy write experience allows us to help you prepare a clear business message with focus and professionalism.  We can copy write personally directed to your brand to help improve your direct sales.  We can help to create a memorable and persuasive online presence ensuring customer satisfaction every time they visit your website.

        Domain registration

Your website address is important, it needs to reflect who and what you are, it needs to be easily remembered and easily distinguished  from other website addresses, we can help you choose the right website name and register it.

Hosting and support

Every website needs to be hosted, this is where it is kept on the world wide web.  There are many hosting agencies that can provide this service and we can help you to find one that suits you.  AM Direct can also provide hosting for your website and we can discuss and choose the best option for you.

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