Pro Site Hosting

Better Bigger Faster Flexible Websites

Designed to allow you to continue to grow on the web. You already know your catalogue or product range inside and out. We’ll help you set it up neatly so you look professional and SEO picks up the content. Loaded with expansion capabilities, this is our best option. If you want to create, this is it. Add more products and pages yourself or with our help. Total control of all facets of your site.

Pro Site Hosting

Fully expandable and flexible Site
$ 199
  • Realistic set up charges
  • Domain connected
  • Free SSL
  • Responsive website
  • 20 page design
  • Product pages
  • Product Categories
  • Information Page Categories
  • 10 email addresses
  • VPS Server (20x faster)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Lighthouse Performance
  • CDN compatible
  • Shopping Cart Access
  • PayPal integration
  • Antispam integration
  • Additional product expansion
  • Auto off site backup integration

Pro hosting explained.

Your website needs to be hosted (website files are held on a secure computer server). Our servers are VPS which are very fast. With less than 1 second load time they are amongst the very fastest sites in the world.

Our Pro Site website set up cost is $5,000.00. Additional hours over 40 charged at $140.00 per hour. All charges incur additional 10% GST.

We will register and connect the domain name for you. Domain names vary in price starting from only $9.95 per year.

We use RSA-2048 bit SSL certificates. This makes your site secure.

We build our sites responsive. This means the site self adjusts in size as it is rotated on different devices and viewed through various viewports.

20 page design gives you the freedom to start trading straight away. 20 pages includes 1x home page, 9x information pages, 1x contact us page, 1x privacy page, 1x refunds page 1x terms and conditions page, 1x FAQ page, 1x about us page, up to 4x category pages with menu links. This is easily negotiable, depending on page requirements. 

Up to 20 product pages created and integrated for you. We can edit the content for you or you can do it yourself, which ever you prefer.

Categories create extra SEO opportunities and useful menu choices.

Information page categories help with SEO and Menu choices.

up to 10x email addresses. up to 250MB storage per address. These will be created using your new domain name i.e

The future is here with VPS. Your website will be as fast as lightning on VPS. Much better than Shared hosting. 20 times faster. Faster processing with Solid State Drives means there are no moving parts in the hard drives, speed is at an optimum and is reflected into your Google Page speed scores. 

Optimising your new site for search engines is included in your set-up fee.

We will ensure your Home page is scoring well in Lighthouse. Maximising you page speed is crutial for faster load times. Additional pages are optional.

A Content Delivery Network is a network of servers strategically located in over 200 cities around the globe, to help deliver the site content faster and safer to the sites visitors, no matter where they are in the world. 

View and access your customer orders in your own business shopping cart. Print invoices, control shipping options, customer emails, sales reports, stock control and so much more with WooCommerce.

We will help you integrate your PayPal into the shopping cart. Accept PayPal and Credit Cards of all types.

Antispam integration is included for free on our sites.

Additional product pages available for you to add manually yourself.

If you have a shopping cart and hold customer data, you need to have the security of a good backup system. We will set up automatic daily offsite backups for you. Offsite is cloud based with option for local backups also. Tell us your preferences. Ensuring you can restore from a backup is a must have. Back-ups are free up to 2GB of space. Over this is charged at the current monthly storage rate. Customer data is backed up daily. We will discuss the necessary backups you need for your circumstances with you.